19 and 20 February, Centro Cultural de España, Mexico City

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With the launch of the Frankfurt Pavilion, the Frankfurter Buchmesse continued with the literary programme started within the frame of the Book Fest.
This new space included discussions, panels and round tables on current literary and society topics. A total of three round tables dealing with Latin America were organized and had much audience in attendance.

Los novísimos

At this round table the Post-Post-Boom literature was discussed. The 60’s boom boom de los 60 has left its mark on today’s generation. The diversity of narratives, styles, genres and subjects is as wide as the continent itself, although racism and violence are increasingly addressed. This round table was composed by Geovani Martins from Brazil, Mike Wilson from Argentina-USA, Ariana Harwicz form Argentina, Pilar Quintana from Colombia and Antonio Ortuño from Mexico and was moderated by the  Corinna Santa Cruz.


Politics, Literature and Commitment – authors speak up

Current discussions in Latin America deal with identity, post-capitalist economic system, social distortions and the emancipation from the USA. But, which theoretical influences are still notable nowadays? Which forms of committed literature do exist? João Paulo Cuenca from Brazil, Vivian Lavin from Chile, Jaime Labastida from México and Carla Maliandi from Argentina participated at this round table conducted by the consultant and translator Lutz Kliche.


Feminine Voice in Latin America

There are more and more female writers. The literary landscape seems to detach from past clichés and prejudices. There are as many styles and topics as female writers. However, all of them contribute to break up traditional images of women writers. Gabriela Cabezón from Argentina, Mercedes Rosende from Uruguay and Bianca Santana form Brasil, with the moderator Silke Kleemann discussed about this.