Navigating through the Creative Industries

Due to the endless possibilities that the web offers, innovation is feasible without a big investment. However, this new working field demands the development of fresh ideas as well as specific strategies that can be exploited by content and service providers.

Building a creative community across industries and sectors traditionally distant to each other is the key in the current globalised and digitized world. Content is not attatched to a format and a specific sector but it navigates from one industry to another. Content should be flexible and adaptative to new uses and avatars.

The current business models could be more profitable alone by expanding the value chain to other creative industries.

Videogame, Cinema/TV and music industries have adopted business dynamics that have dramatically modified the cultural comsuption of their users, reaching high profit levels. The publishing industry stands out as the source of content, which has just started to be explored in other fields.

With CONTEC 2018 we willapproach different possibilities that offer this constantly changing technology landscape for the publishing industry.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the place where the keyplayers of the content industry gather to share trends, developments and experiences. We seek to bring this „Frankfurt Experience“ to other parts of the world through different events and conferences.

CONTEC México is a trade mark of the Frankfurt Book Fair aimed at creating a space for reflection on the challenges and opportunities in the content industry. It is a meeting point for professionals from publishing as well as cultural and creative industries, a space for exchanging experiences and generating synergies among the players and a hub for exploring new business opportunities.