Welcome and introduction to the summit

Marifé Boix García, Germany
Frankfurt Book Fair
The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s biggest book fair. It is the main reference for the publishing industry. The Frankfurt Book Fair organizes activities all around the world such as StoryDrive in Singapore and Beijing, CONTEC in Brazil or JumpStart in New Delhi.

Leander Wattig, Germany
Conceptualizer of events in the publishing industry and Co-founder of ORBANISM, a platform that serves to carry out its own formats of events. ORBANISM cooperates with the Frankfurt Book Fair since 2015.

Mónica Nepote, Mexico
Centro de Cultura Digital, Programme e-Literatura
This programme is focused on the diffusion of electronic literature and production of pieces of digital writing where technology is not merely used as a device but also as an essential tool for literary composition.


Video Programme e-Literatura


Building Bridges:
Promotion of Innovation in the Publishing Industry

Round Table

What can be done, what should be done and what is already done to strengthen the entrepreneurship in the publishing industry and promote innovations and new business? Some initiatives, offers and experiences around content will be discussed and presented here.

Olaf Bryan Wielk, Germany
Beemgee was finalist at the CONTENTshift 2016, the contest organized by the German Association of Publishers and Booksellers. Beemgee is a tool that enables the construction of narrative structures of stories including characters and dramaturgy, providing a magnificent outline and increasing the productivity.

Adriana Casas, Mexico
Centro Multimedia
The Centro Multimedia is an space dedicated to the experimentation, training and research on artistic-cultural practices where technology is involved. It seeks to spread academic activities and to support the education of creators and public interested in electronic arts.

José Ignacio Echevarría, Mexico
Sitesa / Grupo Iberoamericano de Editores
With its long path in the Mexican book market, he supports initiatives such as the social network El Librero de Gutenberg.

Marifé Boix García, Germany
Frankfurt Book Fair

Moderator: Leander Wattig, Germany


Video on the Centro Multimedia, Mexico


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Reshaping the company vs break down
Key note

New audiences, new platforms, new leisure habits, force to rethink the operation and updating of the company.

Dr. Sven Fund, Germany
Sven Fund has been in the executive board of DeGruyter y Springer Verlag. Nowadays, Fullstopp is a consulting company focused on the optimization, transformation and modernization of the publishing companies. Its purpose lies in setting it up for the future.


The future of digital storytelling
Key note

How will be content managed in the future?
New narrative ways in digital transmedia. Possibilities of combining different formats such as E-books, video and audio.

Dorothea Martin, Germany
oolipo AG / Das wilde Dutzend
oolipo is a new platform designed for developing and marketing serial storytelling guided by media. Here, an space is offered for storytellers where they can show creativity and imagination and connect with people that love their stories.
Das wilde Dutzend is an independent publishing house based in Berlin focused in the production and merging of traditional and new formats, illustrations and stories. They work on books where paper, typography and printing have been specially selected. Each book includes many media (web, video, etc.)




Digital initiatives in Mexico

In the field of books, there are projects which are exclusively digital where publishing services are offered, and meanwhile publishers and authors are being trained to digitize the backlist and create a new format different to print.
The digital space means much more than migrating content from one device to other, it also means an additional effort for registering it, promoting it, putting it on sale to digital communities. Strategies change and new have emerged in this network.
Different representatives of Mexican initiatives will reflect on the implications of this change. How is the Mexican situation concerning the use of technology as a tool in publishing?​​

Diego Echeverría, Mexico
Ink-it is a Mexican Company that offers a complete platform for a single management of all steps of digital publishing: conversion in e-book, online distribution on the main e-book shops such as Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo and Tagus among others.

Álvaro Jasso, Mexico
Libros Malaletra
Libros Malaletra is an independent Publisher specialized in digital books that seeks to generate a dialogue between different disciplines and connect them through their audiences with the support of digital distribution. It aims at improving the distribution of authors across the region and putting on the map what is done in this realm in different regions.

Aránzazu Núñez, Mexico
Bookwire / Storylab / Libros Pimienta
Founded in 2009, Bookwire is an independent company that helps publishers to reach a good development as competent partners in the global marketing of digital products.
Bookwire has an experienced team, specialised in distribution and marketing of e-books and audiobooks in all current and future distribution channels.
Storylab is content agency, where multiple aspects of narrative contents are explored: ist development, editing, management, representation, communication and distribution
Libros Pimienta is a hybrid publisher

Moderator: Tomás Granados, Mexico
Grano de Sal / Libros sobre Libros
It is a collection of the Fondo de Cultura Económica that offers to professionals of the book industry, under a imprint and sysmetically, practical tools for the daily realisation of their tasks as well as reflections on the reach and limits of their work.
Grano de Sal is his own publishing project which shall be launched in 2017.


Video: Games Jam at the CCD, Mexico


Beyond books: synergies between the game industry and the book industry

Game industry grew thanks to the development brought along by new business models and the new techniques used for building up communities and social marketing. Which experiences can be useful for the book industry?

Laura Kärppä, Finnland
Kaiken Publishing
Kaiken is a company of the group Rovio that works on the creation of publishing catalogues based on original stories and existing brands for children, teenagers and comics. Experts in storytelling at Kaiken seek actively for stories that attract readers through a big global digital publishers and partners network.

Blanca Estela López Pérez, Mexico
Global Game Jam, Centro de Cultura Digital
Game Jam is the name given to the community emerged out of the game creation marathons (Game Jams) that are carried out in the Centro de Cultura Digital where a convergence for esthetic and technique games experimentation is aimed. The event is open to students, professionals and anyone interested in experimentation and innovation in the creation of all kinds of games (video games, board games).


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Hybrid models: author-entrepreneurs and mixed publishing models
Round Table

With the new diffusion possibilities, the border between author and publisher is vanishing. On the one hand, there is self-publishing where authors take over increasingly entrepreneur functions. On the other hand, many publishing houses try to take a new position as a way of attracting new authors, gaining constant inspiration by self-publishing.

Matthias Matting, Germany
Self-Publisher-Bibel / President of the Self-publishers Association
Self-Publisher-Bibel Self-Publisher-Bibel is one of the leading websites in self-publishing. It contains information, news, columns and all kind of novelties related to self-publishing. He is president of the Self-Publishing-Association.

Pia Cailleau, Germany
Head of catalogue 
Bonnier / Carlsen
Impress and Dark Diamonds are the two digital imprints of Carlsen Verlag. While Impress​ is dedicated to Young Adult Fiction, Dark Diamonds focused on New Adult Fantasy Romance. Both imprints make part of the strategy of Carlsen to unite the traditional with the digital world.‎

Moderator: Mónica Nepote, Mexico
Centro de Cultura Digital, Programme e-Literatura


Metadata:Relevance for selling titles and how to proceed
Key note

For many publishers metadata are a new field of exploration. Without the basic information like title or author the book will not be found. Research data show that sales are proportional higher with the relevant amount on registered metadata.

Daniela Geyer, Germany
The MVB is the leading provider marketing and publishing services. It is responsible for the German ISBN Agency and it publishes the branche magazines Buchjournal and Börsenblatt. It has also developed the technology on which is based the Books-in-Print index VLB that has been recently implemented in Brazil under the name of Metabooks.


Announcement of the winner of the Beemgee call for stories

Olaf Bryan Wielk, Germany

Rodrigo González, Mexico



* All parts of the programme will have a simultaneous translation