Miguel Utray, Mexico
Centro de Cultura de España en México
The Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico belongs to a network of 16 Spanish Cultural Centers spread over Latin America and Africa, focused on cooperation, development and promotion of culture that aim to ingrate local players and support common knowledge and a relationship based on mutual enrichment.

Marifé Boix García, Germany
Frankfurter Buchmesse
Frankfurter Buchmesse is the international publishing industry’s biggest trade fair – with over 7,500 exhibitors from 109 countries and around 285,000 visitors. It is the most important international marketplace for content – from novels and children’s books to academic databases and stories for films, games and virtual reality experiences.


The culture of reading and the circulation of content

Nowadays, reading happens in different channels and so the power of dissemination has increased. Digitisation represents an additional opportunity when it comes to universalising access to reading. Governments, who are responsible of implementing reading promotion policies, need to consider this new landscape of multiple access ways when drawing up new policies that result in a democratization of the circulation channels for content.

Frédéric Vacheron, Mexico
UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It seeks to build peace through international cooperation in Education, the Sciences and Culture. UNESCO’s programmes contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals defined in Agenda 2030, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015.


Why should I go to a bookstore if I can buy online?
Round Table

Bookshops have been traditionally the contact point with readers. Not only they are a place of economic exchange, but they are a place where multiple experiences are generated enriching traditional forms of consumption of culture. Considering the viewpoint of different Mexican publishers and booksellers will help us to explore the strengths and weaknesses of this classic channel. It will enable us to advance in the search of solutions and innovation in physical bookstores and digital business models in digital. At the end of the day, the common objective of all involved players, whether they are big or small, is to reach readers.

Pilar Gordoa, Mexico
Penguin Random House
Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial is the Spanish speaking division of the international Company Penguin Random House. It publishes approximately 1,700 titles per year with 8,500 authors spread over its 40 imprints.

Deborah Holtz, Mexico
Trilce Ediciones is a Mexican Publisher founded in 1991 and specialised in books on arts, poetry, and popular culture. This publisher works on the generation of concepts, research and production of content up to the distribution on several platforms such as books, apps, exhibitions and internet.

Rodrigo Pérez Porrúa, Mexico
Porrúa Bookstore
With more than 30 branches, it is one of the largest bookstores in Mexico as well as one of the oldest. Its first bookstore was established in 1910. Shortly afterwards, a publishing house was be likewise created. It has remained one of the most important bookstores ever since and it is a reference in its bid for innovation and change.

Luigi Amara, Mexico
La Murciélaga Bookstore
Bookstore specialized in literary findings that features an innovative approach where a fine selection of literature, philosophy and arts is perfectly combined with second-hand books, curious books, first editions or other books with special features.

Moderator: Carlos Tejada, Mexico


Strength comes in numbers: Bookstores as professional association

There are examples that should be considered when it comes to strengthening the different sales circuits available for books in their way to readers. It is important to identify practices that enable booksellers to strengthen traditional operating ways and adopt new approaches to stay active, strong and operative.

Martin Riethmüller, Germany
Opened in 1992, this family business has already four branches in different cities of Southwestern Germany. They were part of the initiative BuyLocal, focused on the support of local retail trade due to its social importance creating a seal of quality.


A look at other experiences
Round Table

Which strategies have been launched in different countries? Diversity enriches the discussion and enables a deeper analysis on the particular situation of each bookstore. International cases will cast new light on this topic, giving new perspectives.

Martin Riethmüller, Germany, RavensBuch

Philippe Hunziker, Guatemala,
Sophos Bookstore and Publisher
Sophos is a bookstore located in Guatemala City. It has become a real reference for the cultural life in Guatemala. It stands out due to its broad selection of books, its calendar of activities and its restaurant.

Álex Cerrudo, Spain
La Central Bookstore
La Central was established in Barcelona in 1995. Its purpose was to create a unique bookshop focused on cultural mediation. With a fine selection in humanities and international literature, La Central has nowadays three bookshops in Barcelona, two in Madrid along with the online store.

Moderator: Tomás Granados Salinas, Mexico
Libros sobre Libros/Grano de Sal
It is a collection of the Fondo de Cultura Económica that offers to professionals of the book industry, under a imprint and systemically, practical tools for the daily realisation of their tasks as well as reflections on the reach and limits of their work.
Grano de Sal is his own publishing project which shall be launched in 2017.




Innovation of traditional channels
Round Table

The digital era has arrived and will live side by side with the analogue world. New tools and processes facilitated by digitisation are applied to both print books and thus bookshops and digital books. These tools offer considerable improvements in the distribution process, increasing the agility of orders, improving the tracking or providing detailed information about stock availability. All this has lead to higher rates in the reach of digital and print contents, trespassing the difficult regional and linguistic limits.

Mónica Díaz, Spain
UDL Libros
UDL is a distributor of independent books that serves mostly small and medium size publishers. Thanks to its innovative tools, they operate in whole Spain serving directly 1,800 bookshops and other 5,000 bookshops thanks to agreements with other distributors.

Alejandro Borrego, Mexico
It is an online platform for digital book sales that features an innovative e-commerce model. It will be soon available on all Spanish-speaking countries worldwide.

Fritz Glockner, Mexico
It is a public entity belonging to the Federal Secretary of Culture. It aims at distributing and selling books and cultural products, contributing to the growth of publishing and the infrastructure of bookstores in the whole country.

Jaime Iván Hurtado, Colombia/Mexico
It is a Colombian-Mexican company focused on digital publishing, specialized in developing integral solutions, platforms and technologies that contribute to strengthen the profess of content generation, transformation and distribution.

Moderator: Carlos Rojas Urrutia, Germany/Mexico
Metabooks is a project led by the Frankfurt Book Fair and the MVB that offers the only unified metadata platform for the Brazilian book market, following the example of the German VLB. Metabooks is working currently on the implementation of an alike system for Latin America.


E-book: a business model accessible for publishers
Key Note

Digital distribution is a business in itself and deserves a business model focused on creating, managing and distributing digital content. This operates often in other schemes since network coverage, digital literacy or affordable prices are determining. At the same time, digital distribution enables to go beyond limits in a more simple and rapid way than before. Despite not being new, digital distribution still poses many questions as it represents a change of paradigm. How to set up a digital strategy in publishing houses? How to qualify the team? How much time should be devoted to this field? Have expectations in terms of digital business been met?

Margarita Guerrero, Spain
Company founded in Frankfurt and present in Spain, Mexico and Brasil which is focused on the distribution and sale of digital products in e-book and audiobook format. More than 1,500 publishers are already its clients and it has over 300,000 e-books and 40,000 audiobooks.


Coffee Break


Digital publishing and distribution as part of the publishing strategy
Round Table

Many publishers have print and digital catalogues. Some pioneers even only publish in digital. Considerations and experiences of publishers working efficiently in these formats and benefiting from the advantages of digital publishing and distribution will be approached.

Alejandra Alvarado, Mexico
Ediciones Malpaso
Mexican-Spanish publisher based in both countries and focused on essays and literature with a special care of its digital catalogue

Guillermo Chávez, Mexico
The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México is Latin America biggest University and one of the most important university presses. It has been Pioneer in the promotion of digital publications both in open access and traditional format.

Xiluén Zenker, México
Solar Editores
Solar is an innovative publishing company that offers consulting services on documents, taking care of the present needs and the future trends and changes brought by technology that might impact on documents. Additionally, Solar seeks to promote culture through the promotion of reading through its imprint Ediciones del Ermitaño.

Moderator: Elena Bazán, Mexico, Bookwire


Good practices: Alternative routes for alternative publishers
Round Table

When traditional channels don’t work for medium size and small publishing houses, publishers seek more efficient alternative ways to reach their audience. The experience of Primavera del Libro, a fair organised by publishers in Brazil, was replicated in several countries of Latin America such as Chile, Argentina or Mexico. In Mexico, the fair organised by the Association of Independent Publishers takes place inside a bookstore. Other initiatives have put the focus on creating new associations among small publishers, such as service provider companies, with the purpose of increasing their visibility in bookstores. What other examples can be found, how are they conducted and which benefits did they bring along?

Felipe González, Colombia
Laguna Libros
Laguna Libros, founded in 2007, is one of the most prestigious Colombian independent publishers. With a catalogue focused on literary fiction, both Colombian and international, it launched together with other independent publishers La Diligencia, a distribution company formed by publishers and for publishers which is independent, self-financed and sustainable.

Diego Rabasa, Mexico
Sexto Piso
Independent Publisher founded in 2002 and based in Spain too. It focuses in literary, philosophical and sociological texts. Its catalogue comprises up to date more than 350 titles that are distributed in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and Spain.

Gerardo González, Mexico
Alliance of Mexican Independent Publishers
The Alliance of Mexican independent publishers (AEMI) was established in November 2004. Since 2004, the AEMI actively engages in reading promotion and support of independent Mexican publishers. It has currenty 12 members.

Moderator: Philippe Hunziker, Guatemala, Sophos Bookstore


Closing of the first day

*Simultaneous translation will be offered throughout all sessions