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Panoramic view: looking through a crystal ball  
Presentation & Discussion

Two publishers (one national and one international) talk about their own visions on future of media business. Each of them will make a 10 minutes presentation, followed by a moderated discussion focusing on the similarities and differences between their experiences and markets.

Tania Fontolan, Abril Educação, Brazil

Helge Braga, Wiley, Brazil

Moderation: Holger Volland, VP Media Industries, Frankfurt Book Fair


Reader 2.0 – What does the reader really look for?
Key Note

The sentence “client is the boss” is gaining a new meaning in the era of social media and Web 2.0. This Key Note will focus on the changes on the needs of an audience in evolution and the new relationship that these readers have with this media.

Philippa Donovan, Egmont, UK


Can your book do that?
Round Table

Bruno Valente, Punch, Brazil

Hervé Essa, Jouve, France

Philippa Donovan, Egmont, UK

Moderação:Carlo Carrenho, PublishNews, Brazil




Launch CONTEC BRASIL 2013 – an international book fair with a conference programm on children’s, technology and education content 

Juergen Boos, President of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany

Marifé Boix García, Vicepresident Business Development Southern Europe and Latin America, Frankfurt Book Fair


Social Media – how to work on a solid relationship with the reader

Readers are not any more passive consumers. On the contrary, readers are becoming content creators. These dynamics are creating a new way of making things “mouth-to mouth” besides all new sales opportunities. How to manage successfully a readers community and stimulate their enthusiasm to the most? Como gerenciar com sucesso uma comunidade de leitores e estimular ao máximo o seu entusiasmo?

Viviane Lordello, Skoob, Brazil

Marcelo Gioia, The Copia, Brazil

Moderation:Octavio Kulesz, Teseo, Argentina


Future of Knowledge Transfer

NALA and Avallain – Libraries and Universities need to reinvent themselves in the digital era. What will be the role of electronic newspapers, digital content platforms or virtual libraries in the future? How will they change the way people access to knowledge and content? A Brazilian librarian and a representative of a Colombian university press will discuss about their roles in the ecosystem of digital publications and the viability of the subscription model.

Juan Felipe Cordoba Restrepo, ASEUC, Colombia

Richardt Rocha Feller, Minha Biblioteca, Brazil

Moderation: Jose Castilho, ABEU, Brazil


Coffee Break


Uncertain borders: Changes in the roles of publishers, agents, authors and booksellers
Presentation and Discussion

In a panorama where agents and booksellers are opening their own publishing houses and self-published authors negotiate directly their foreign rights, what does it mean to be a publisher, agent, author or bookseller in a digital age? How are roles changing and is it possible to act on one’s own and still be successful?

Joanna Ellis, The literary Platform, UK

Jesse Potash, Founder PUBSLUSH Press, USA

Lucia Riff, Agência Riff, Brazil

Moderation: Holger Volland, VP Media Industries, Frankfurt Book Fair


Tools for the future: New technologies in the classroom
Key Note

Giving students a laptop or a tablet will improve their learning experience. Is that true? This presentation will give a view into the backstage of the classroom of the future. Smart blackboards, multimedia presentations, tablets and much more: what is the value of new technologies and how to they change the learning atmosphere?

Martin Fielko, Cornelsen Verlag, Germany