Presentation academic programme

José Manuel Restrepo, Universidad del Rosario, Colombia

Mauricio Alviar, Rector UdeA, Colombia

Juan Felipe Córdoba Restrepo, Universidad del Rosario, Colombia


Publishers and University Presses
All about content, a relationship to be built

The drop in sales in the book industry goes with a migration to the new digital model, which in the case of libraries is still an emerging market as there is still a huge need for a digital catalogue. How can be these three factors combined and what are their derivatives regarding the price, businessmodels and so on?

Manuel Gil, Publishing Consultant, Spain


Marketing & Social Media

The Marketing is at the Genesis of successful companies. But, the “old” marketing is dead and it’s digital version has taken its place. In this new model, companies now have a direct connection with the public and consumers through social media, and customers are now “the” media. To fail in this area may be lethal, and the Genesis can become the “Apocalypses”. Are you ready?

Sergio Pavarini, Journalist, Brazil


Trends and opportunities in Digital Publishing

Possibilities for the editor to distribute and make his production popular in the digital environment are becoming more important in the pormotion and direct sales channels on the internet (own channels) that are used specially for the development of new operation and business models with extern and intern communities. Both in the publishing field of STM and university press publishing there are today experiences that have opened new possibilities and that have interesting options for management, visibility, diffusion and monetization of content. Learn how these have been done by big multinationals but independent niche publishers too and who is finding new management and digital content development forms.

Sameer Shariff, Impelsys Inc., India


Research on Digital Publishing

¿How is it being conducted? Overview, opportunities and risks for the Spanish-speaking market.

Edgar Valencia, Editorial de la Universidad Veracruzana, México

Juan Felipe Córdoba Restrepo, ASEUC, Colombia

Moderator: Andrés Delgado Darnalt, ECOE Ediciones, Colombia




Periodical publications / Non-periodical publications

Positions and possibilities of the digital starting with contents generated in specialized publications.

Olga Lucia Lozano, creator and publishing coordinator, Colombia

Daniel Blanco, Universidad de Santo Tomás, Colombia

Guillermo Chávez, UNAM, Mexico

Moderator: Doris Aguirre, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia


Case Studies: Study on university presses

With cases from Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia, this workshop will deal with the experiences that four academic publishers had in the development of their publishing strategies related to education or university press contents as well as their digital entrepreneurship concerning the process of content generation, transformation and distribution towards their objective target. By virtue of the experiences, expectations, foreseen accomplishments, wise choices and difficulties of these publishers there will be an exchange of ideas on these topics. By means of this, attendees can gain a new approach to their own projects that they may be carrying out in their universities, institutions or companies.

Julio Paredes, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Dagoberto Arias, EDUPUC, Costa Rica

Nicolás Morales, Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

Sayri Karp, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico

Moderator:Jaime Iván Hurtado, Hipertexto, Colombia


How communities are a key element for the socialization of knowledge

The importance of communities in creating and spreading literature and knowledge has been blurred by efforts aimed at worldwide access to books and education —part of the international agenda throughout the 20th century—, and the arrival of mass media and cultural industries. However, the irruption of the Internet in the book industry has upset (and in some cases rendered useless) the production line model, and calls attention to group work: “Success in art and everything else depends on coproduction” [Doris Sommer].

Margarita Valencia, Instituto Caro y Cuervo, Colombia


Copyright-left, two sides of the same coin?

Edgar Valencia, Editorial de la Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico

Carolina Botero, Creative Commons, Colombia

Fernando Zapata López, Professor and Copyright Consultant, Colombia

Moderator: Jorge Iván Franco, Universidad de Antioquía, Colimbia


MediaLabs for generation of high-quality contents

Juan Luis Suárez, Culture Plex, Canadá


Closing: The future is now

Andrés Osorio, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia